InfraCloud Features

99.999% Uptime

QuadraNet's 99.999% network uptime SLA comes standard with all cloud configurations.

Software Selection

The InfraCloud supports a wide variety of operating systems, ranging from CentOS to FreeBSD to Windows.

Instant Scaling

Requirements constantly changing? No problem! That's why InfraCloud instances can instantly scale in specifications.

Management Tools

Our completely custom interface allows you to easily manage your InfraCloud instances.

24/7/365 Support

QuadraNet's 24x7x365 dedicated NOC team is standing by to assist at any time.

Quick Plans

Start with a Quick Plan and then customize the specifications later!

Plan vCores Memory Disk Swap Bandwidth Hourly Monthly
InfraBlue 1 512 MB 15 GB 1 GB 1000 GB $00.0079 $5.81 Order Now
InfraOrange 2 1 GB 30 GB 1 GB 1000 GB $00.01699 $12.41 Order Now
InfraRed 3 2 GB 45 GB 1 GB 1000 GB $00.0285 $20.87 Order Now

Pricing Details

Instances starting as low as $0.008/Hour

Resource Hourly Rate Monthly Price
vCores $00.003555/Core $2.59/Core
RAM $00.000005/MB $00.001826/MB
Disk Storage $00.000195/GB $00.15/GB
Bandwidth $00.000013/GB $00.01/GB
IPv4 $00.002/IPv4 $1.46/IPv4
IPv6 $00.002/IPv6 $1.46/IPv6