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The Importance of Backups and QuadraNet's Solution

The Importance of Backups and QuadraNet’s Solution


Where’s My Data?

Have you considered backing up your data? Have you thought about your data ever being lost what would you do? How much would this cost you?

Its very well possible that you or possibly someone else managing your site can accidentally delete a file that was important then what would you do?

Are you a shared hosting provider looking to provide your clients with back up options where they can restore this them self’s if they use cPanel?

R1Soft allows you to perform bare metal restores, you can restore individual files and folders as well.

R1Soft is affordable, we have an exclusive offer which includes 1 CDP agent and 25gb of initial back up space for only $25.00/Month.

You are also able to scale up to additional space as needed for only $0.35 per Gigabyte.

What does CDP stand for? Continuous Data Protection and that’s exactly what you need!

You can set your back ups as you wish, daily, weekly, monthly and purge them as you wish within the R1Soft portal.

It includes many things such an an easy scheduling wizard, browse files/folders via the web interface.

Just set it up once and never worry again, you can create your own recovery points per day any where from 5-10 minutes apart now that’s impressive!

Which systems are supported?

Both Linux and Windows.

Whats holding you back from protecting your data? Contact one of our sales representatives and ensure that your data is protected.

We recently posted about our managed services here. We have a bundle of managed services AND backup solution for the low and discounted price of $44 per month.