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Luis Amaya's QuadraNet Experience

Luis Amaya’s QuadraNet Experience

Hi All, my name is Luis Amaya, and I’ve been working for (formerly known as for two plus years.

Prior to working at QuadraNet, I was working for I started working for as an intern with no pay right after I finished my two years of community college at El Camino College. At the time I was a brain fill with hunger of wanting to learn as much as I can about being a Unix/Linux sysadmin. A year into my internship, I was given the opportunity of being a paid tech for The happiness of being a paid tech lasted no more than a year before I started pulling my hairs, and changing my mind on being a sysadmin.

Lucky me at the time when I was looking for a job upgrade, had a post in craigslist looking for an entry level Linux/Unix admin. Not wasting any time I sent a copy of my resume to QuadraNet, I even mentioned on my initial email that I was willing to work as an intern with no pay as longest I learn to be a sysadmin. On the same day Chris one of the head presidents from at the time responded to my email. The first thing he say on his email was, “when can you start?” I responded back to him “NOW!”

My first year working for was probably the most overwhelming experience that I have ever felt sense grade school. So much learning in so little time, in I learned the difference between a Data Center that only cares for money, and a Data Center that focus in providing their customers with top quality support. constant innovations are what motivate their employees to constantly learn new skills. I think the best career change that I have ever made since I was an intern for was to work for Good people, friendly staff, and awesome customers are what make the experience of working for a joyful experience.

Luis Amaya.