QuadraNet prides itself on having an exceptional leadership team. These individuals are responsible for the day-to-day, as well as the long-term, operations and plans that keep QuadraNet at the forefront of the industry.

QuadraNet Management Team
We focus highly on providing high-quality full service data center services, and this wouldn't be possible with the assistance of our very talented individuals on our team. From day one, we've always centered our business around our clients, every business decision we make is with their benefit in mind. Meet QuadraNet's exceptional management team!

Ilan Mishan
Co-Founder & CEO
From an early age Ilan saw the opportunities in everything around him, his dream was to open his own business in sunny California. After serving in the IDF he attended Technology school and a university in Israel and completed his MBA in Computer Science. Today as QuadraNet’s chief executive officer, Ilan is responsible for QuadraNet’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the company’s product development technology strategy.
Dustin B. Cisneros
Global Sales Manager
Dustin’s energy and leadership qualities resonate throughout his department on a daily basis. He is passionate about cultivating a memorable experience for clients and works diligently to provide his team with the resources they need to be extensions of his client-centered approach. Dustin is a long-standing member of the hosting industry and leverages his experience with the goals of QuadraNet clients in order to put into motion continuous improvements of existing services, as well as to develop new offerings for clients that make use of emerging technologies and trends.
Chris Poer
Director of Cloud Services
Chris brings QuadraNet 30 years of experience across a wide range of companies and roles in the communications and cloud infrastructure industries including AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, OpenWave, and ENKI. This wide range of experience enables Chris to understand both the technical and business challenges facing QuadraNet clients and partners. Chris is utilizing his experience to expand QuadraNet’s presence in the Cloud Services space, and to utilize a partner network to accelerate growth. Additionally, Chris's value-based and team-centric approach to problem solving is a natural fit with QuadraNet’s value structure.
Andrew Moore
Director of Operations
An experienced and seasoned industry professional, Andrew applies his skills to a companywide level at QuadraNet. Prior to working at QuadraNet, Andrew gained most of his experience by operating his own business in the hosting industry, which grew to house over 10,000 customers. It was through this experience that he learned not only the ins and out of support, but facility management as well. Andrew started his career at QuadraNet as a systems administrator in our Miami offices, and is now Director of Operations based out of our Los Angeles headquarters.
Rafael Oganesyan
Support Manager
With a wealth of industry experience in the datacenter space that spans many years, Rafael brings with him a strong track record of delivering expectations and a vast understanding of the critical ins and outs required for effective systems administration. As Support Manager, Rafael is responsible for enhancing policies and making meaningful contributions to assure QuadraNet's support department delivers the best quality of support to clients at all times.
Kate Gerry
Director of Networks & Facilities
Kate Gerry employs her over 15 years' experience with various routing and switching platforms in her role as the Network Director at QuadraNet. Ms. Gerry began as a Systems Administrator at QuadraNet in 2008 and transitioned into the Network Manager role as she taught herself more advanced networking. A former equestrian, Ms. Gerry is one of the few people who can claim that she has actually configured a Cisco router while on horseback.
Rory Cox
Provisioning Manager
Rory Cox ignited his passion for computers when he began working with TI computers in 1986. He heads the provisioning team at QuadraNet, overseeing hardware inventory, server building, and escalations. Mr. Cox has an advanced working knowledge of TrippLite and SuperMicro hardware which developed during his career at QuadraNet. In his spare time, he enjoys browsing and contributing to KickStarter campaigns.