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Vest DDoS Mitigation

QuadraNet – Your Business’s Best Defense Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks


Vest Detect & Mitigate DDoS Protection

For services over 40GB, please contact our sales team for custom solutions and pricing.

BandwidthPackets Per SecondDetect and MitigateSetup FeePrice
up to 3 Gbps1.5 Million PPSYes$0.00INCLUDED
up to 10 Gbps5 Million PPSYes$0.00$200/MonthOrder Now
up to 20 Gbps10 Million PPSYes$0.00$400/MonthOrder Now
up to 30 Gbps15 Million PPSYes$0.00$600/MonthOrder Now


Vest Always On DDoS Protection

For services over 50GB, please contact our sales team for custom solutions and pricing.

BandwidthPackets Per SecondAlways OnSetup FeePrice
10 Gbps5 Million PPSYes$500.00$300/Month + $5/Mbit CleanOrder Now
20 Gbps10 Million PPSYes$500.00$600/Month + $5/Mbit CleanOrder Now
30 Gbps15 Million PPSYes$500.00$900/Month + $5/Mbit CleanOrder Now
40 Gbps20 Million PPSYes$500.00$1200/Month + $5/Mbit CleanOrder Now



QuadraNet Vest DDoS Mitigation Comparison


Volumetric DDoS Detection
Behavioral DDoS Detection
Custom-built DDoS Detection
Signature Based Mitigation
Network Anomaly Mitigation
Cloud Based Mitigation
Attack Traffic Capacity<30Gbit<40Gbit>40Gbit
Attack History & Notification
Attack Intelligence & Reporting Portal
One-time Attack Reports $50$0$0
Management Subscription ReactiveProactiveCustom
Initial Set-up AutomaticGuidedFull-Service




Vest Dedicated DDoS Protection

If your organisation is in need of a Dedicated DDoS solution, please contact our sales department for a custom quote, or call us at 1-888-578-2372.


What is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack is one where a large number of compromised computer systems attack a single network connected target. This widespread network based attack floods the target’s network infrastructure and, as a result, denies service to legitimate users.


The Devastating Impact DDoS Has On Online Businesses

Resulting in a cost of $50,000 – $100,000 an hour, most DDoS attacks last between 6 and 24 hours. The impact of such an attack can be devastating to an online business’s reputation and bottom line. Loss of revenue, loss of consumer confidence, degraded site performance, and great lengths of downtime can be a setback that some businesses may never recover from.


QuadraNet’s Vest DDoS Protection – A Simple Solution To A Catastrophic Problem

QuadraNet has taken a proactive approach to protecting its customers from DDoS attacks. DDoS Protection up to 3Gbps is included with every dedicated server purchase.


As Internet traffic is heading inbound toward your network attached equipment, QuadraNet utilizes a multi-layer scrubbing solution that detects when a DDoS attack is starting. Within milliseconds, QuadraNet’s DDoS protection springs into action, filtering out the bad traffic from the good.   The DDoS attack is thwarted, and your equipment and you business remain online and ready to service your clients.

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