Management Portal

Enterprise Solutions

Server Management

Our highly-trained staff of IT professionals have experience with a wide variety of operating systems and software platforms. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24x7x365 and is always available to answer questions, to perform diagnostics, or to simply lend a second set of eyes if you're having difficulty troubleshooting something with your server or cabinet.

Server Management is reactive, which means that we are available to assist on-demand, but that routine updates, etc. is left in your hands.

Pricing starts at $29/month per server. Ask your Sales Representative about adding it to your account today!

Backup Solutions

QuadraNet has partnered with R1Soft to offer a robust, multi-platform backup solution to meet a variety of needs. R1Soft's CDP agent runs on most Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems, and is available for a low monthly fee by the agent (one agent per server/machine), and by the amount of storage space required.


Private Cloud

QuadraNet can also build private cloud configurations of any size! Our unique relationship with both hardware and software vendors alike allows us to build a platform that will perfectly suit your business and enable it to instantly scale.

Software Implementations

QuadraNet can build private clouds based on any of the following software architectures:

  • OnApp
  • CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • VMware

Our technicians have installed, deployed, configured, and even custom-written a variety of private cloud implementations. If you're looking for a company that can take you from "A to Z" and provide everything needed for a private cloud, get in touch with our sales team for a custom quote.

CDN Services

QuadraNet also offers cutting-edge Content Delivery Network (CDN) services as part of our upcoming cloud platform. QuadraCDN supports HTTP push, HTTP pull, both static and dynamic caching, and VoD (Video on Demand) with live streaming options.

Coming Soon

DNS Services

Our DNS hosting is provided as a complimentary service for all dedicated server, colocation, and cloud clients! Utilizing AnyCast, our DNS hosting is geographically diverse and spread out over 15 separate locations and 8 countries. DNS resolution is done with High Availability (HA) and is not dependent on location. This also allows for extremely low-latency lookups. The backend is fully integrated with our API, allowing you to have full control over domain name management.

Automated Installation System

Point, click, and reinstall - it's as simple as that! Choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, FreeBSD, or Windows, and our auto-installer immediately and automatically gets to work reinstalling your operating system. Installs complete within 30 minutes (depending on operating system) and the login information is updated in our portal as soon as the install is complete. NEW! Now you can boot your server into a "recovery" LiveCD of linux to perform maintenance or updates.